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What is Smartlyincome.com?

Smartlyincome.com is a community that helps to understand from basic to advance level about the Affiliate Marketing and Blogging.

The motive of this website is to educate newbies about the benefit of Blogging and Affiliate Marketing.

These strategies have worked for me i wish to teach you about the affiliate marketing and blogging with my experience.

Why You Read Smartlyincome Blog?

If you are interested in writing and want to educate people with your knowledge and earn some money, If yes, you are definitely at the right place for you to learn about the blogging and affiliate marketing.

The main motive of Smartlyincome is to provide the knowledge about the blogging and affiliate marketing that help you to make money online. Making money through blogging is not a easy task for anyone and in this you need an guidance throughout so that you can cruise along. Here I will try my level best to share my knowledge so that you can also generate income through blogging.

Who is Siddhartha Upadhyay and What does he do?

Hi, I am Siddhartha Upadhyay, a Professional blogger from Noida, India and I launched this blog called Smartlyincome to help people.

I’ve a graduation degree in arts and I got the motivation to start Smartlyincome blog after seeing the success of leading blogs in blogging of Neil Patel, Problogger.

Here I will share the proven tips and tricks of blogging and affiliate marketing that are worked for me so that you also got benefitted.


The mission of Smartlyincome is to educate people about the benefit of affiliate marketing and blogging so that they can also generate online income.


Our vision is to give as much as possible information about the benefit of affiliate marketing and blogging to newbies or other people.

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