7 Things You Need To Know About Keyword Research.

Today I’m going to show you exactly how to do keyword research in 2020.

In this comprehensive guide I’ll cover:

  • What is Keyword?
  • What is Keyword Research?
  • Why Keyword Research Is Important for SEO?
  • How to Find Keyword for SEO?
  • How to use Keyword Research Tool?

So if you want higher Google rankings and more traffic, you’ll love this updated guide.

Let’s get started.

Before we start looking for keyword ideas, let’s make sure we understand the basics.

What are SEO Keyword?

Keywords are the words and phrases that people type into search engines to find the solution of their Problem.  They’re also known as Search terms,Search Intent or "SEO keyword".

What is Keyword Research?

What is Keyword Research?
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"Keyword Research is an art, not a science".

Keyword Research is the process where content writer do some research before writing content for their own website or for his/her Client Website.

In Simple Words, It is the process of finding the right keyword which people are searching on Internet to find out the solution of their Problem in their Personal life or professional Life.

For Example: You have started a Business that deals in “cars” and you want to write content on any car about their specification or features then how would you know, what People are searching on Internet to find out the specification or features about that car then Keyword Research Comes in Place.

Why Keyword Research is Important?

Keyword research is the way to figure out what people are searching on the Internet. You have to write about those content that people are searching on the Internet that complete their research. Lots of websites are just focusing on writing more and more content but not doing keyword research before writing content and that’s the reason they are not getting traffic from Google.

Keyword Research helps you in some ways:

  1. How Hard it Will for your to Rank?
  2. How Much traffic or views I would Get After Writing Content?
  3. What type of Content Should I have to Create?
  4. Are People Searching for my Targeted Keyword?
How to Find Keyword for SEO?
How to Find Keyword for SEO
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Keyword Research Start by understanding how customer’s or people are searching for my focused keywords or Business. You can then combine that knowledge with some tools to get more content ideas.

These are some ways to do Keyword Research:--

  • Focus or Seed Keyword
  • On What Keyword, Your Competitor Is Ranking
  • Use the Keyword Research Tool to Find Out Best Keyword

1. Focus or Seed Keyword

Focus or Seed keywords are the foundation of your keyword research process. They will help you find your niche and help you to identify your competitors. You can put your keyword in the keyword research tool to get tons of content ideas on which you can write content.

If you already have a product or services that you want to promote online and get easy to rank on search engines. It will help people to find about the products and services that you are offering.

For Example, If you are selling a laptop and their parts, then your focused keyword would be:-

  1. Best Laptop
  2. Laptop Parts 
  3. Hard disk 
  4. RAM 

If you are not sure or struggling to find your focus keyword, check the search result report in Ubersuggest or semrush. This shows up to 1000’s of keyword ideas and content ideas that help you in ranking and making content.

2. On What Topic Your Competitor is Ranking 

In your Keyword research process, you have to analyse that at which keyword your competitor is ranking or getting traffic to their website. If you figure out a competitor’s keyword then it will be easy for you to rank.

If you are focusing on that keyword on which your competitor is ranking then there is a high chance to rank on Google. If you follow your competitor's writing style, marketing, and other strategies then there would be a chance for you to rank.

3. How to Use Keyword Research Tools

In this article, we will go to discuss some free and paid tools which you can use to do keyword research for your upcoming article or blog. I will disclose some of the tools which I used to do keyword research.

Keyword research Tools all work in the same way. You plug-in your seed keyword and it will show you hundreds of keyword ideas which you can use in your content.

Google Keyword Planner(Free):-- Google Keyword Planner is a well-known keyword research tool and it’s free and easy to use although it’s used mainly used by the advertiser, you can use it to find keyword for SEO.

Let’s enter some of our keywords in it and see what they kick back to us:

Free Keyword Research Tool
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2.Ubersuggest (Free)

 The Next tools are ubersuggest which is also famous for keyword research and you use these tools to get tons and tons of keyword ideas and content ideas if you are confused about the 

topic on which I have to start writing. As you already know the Neil Patel and the owner of these tools are Neil Patel which is well known in the field of digital marketing.

Let's enter some of our keywords in Ubersuggest and see what they will provide us back:

Best Free Keyword Research Tool
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3. Google Suggest 

Yes, it’s Google and the reason is that every person is using Google as their default search engine for searching and surfing. You can use Google to search for keywords also to get rank on Search engines.

Let’s dive into and how you will get a keyword from Google.

Google Suggest
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There are tons and hundreds of tools are available on the internet which you can use it as per your choice.


SEMRUSH Keyword Research Tool
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The next tool is for keyword research is SEMRUSHthat helps you to do keyword research and analyze your competitor's website and check which keyword they are using to rank on Google so that you will get an idea of which keyword you have to target to rank on Google.


For Most of the People, Keyword Research is the Hard and Complex Process to find out the Right keyword for their Content.

Hopefully. I have added some valuable information in this article that will help to get better understanding about the keyword Research, so now it's your turn.

Now It's your Turn

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What is Keyword Research in Digital marketing?
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