How Internal Link Building will Help in 2021?

In this article, We are going to discuss about the benefit of Link Building.

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What is Link Building?

Link building is the process of building hyperlinks (also known as backlink) to any website with the goal of improving search engine visibility of a page or post. Link Building strategy needs content marketing, building useful tools, emails outreach, broken link building and public relation.

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What is an internal linking with example? 

What are internal links: Internal links are the process of building links from one page to another page that helps Google crawlers to scan your page or post and rank your website or post on search engines.

Internal linking helps user’s or Google crawlers to check post or page to understand this post has several inbound link(internal links) so they can start ranking your post or page in search engines.

In the field of SEO, There are two types of Links viz. 1) Internal Links 2) Outbound Links.

Here we will discuss about the Outbound Link because in above we have understand about Internal Linking.

Outbound Link—Outbound links are those links which are coming from some other websites. It may be high DA PA Website or from other websites.

In other words, Outbound Links are links that redirect us to some other websites. Outbound Links are a part of Off-Page SEO Strategy

Link Element of a Successful Link Building Strategy

In link building strategy, You need to remember that all links which you created on your website are equal. It means that you need to know how a relevant or great link looks like for you. The more effort you put in getting the better link, the better you would see.

Here are some components which you need to focus in your link building strategy that gives a better understanding to understand the great link building.

  • Contextual Links
  • High Percentage of Followed Links
  • Create High Quality Content
  • High Quality Content
  • Skyscraper Technique 
  • Contextual Links: Contextual links are those link that are surrounded by text or images in your Post or Pages. Contextual Links building are the quickest way to boost your site search appearance.

Basically, It gives advantage to you  in SEO because if your content is in the main content area page, The best way is to put link on those text that are relevant with your sentence so that people might click on it, then it passes a fair amount of Page Rank.

 The best place to put link on your other blog post is in the body of web page content not in footer or in sidebar.
  • More Do Follow Backlink

From SEO Point of View, There are two types of links are—Do-follow, No-follow.

All the link which you build on your website are not helpful in your Website Ranking.

Links Can have different attribute, The one which you have to known to nofollow ,Sponsored and UGC.

Link that have rel=”nofollow” means that it indicates to Google crawlers that you should not follow this link which are linked with this Post or Pages.

Those link which have rel=”Sponsored” that means the owner of the website has paid to get listed or to get backlink from particular website that should not pass PageRank.

Those Link which have rel=”UGC” (User Generated Content) means that comes from forums, comments  and indicates that these links are not editorially Placed and may be manipulative.

  • Create High Quality Content

In this section, We are going to discuss about the content that are linkable with your other blog content within your website. Let’s discuss about the basic of high quality content:--

High Quality Content

  • Create Well Research and Informative Content
  • Speak to your Audience
  • Create impeccable written copy
  • Use Informative Images, Videos, or Infographic when appropriate.

Succeed with these four Points requires that you start your content creation process with in-depth research

Understanding Skyscraper Technique

Skyscraper Technique is the process used by Brian Dean, the Founder of Backlinko. They found it in 2015 while they are working on their blog.

In the Skyscraper Technique, They are talking about many aspects which is necessary to succeed in SEO.

  • Find Relevant Content with Huge Backlinks
  • Write Better Content that that.
  • Write Fresh Content
  • Reach Out to Right People and ask them to give backlink if they found valuable

This Strategy helps you to rank your content on Google. According to Brian Dean, They analysed around 3000 Words long form content get more referring domain than shorter content than 1000 Words.

According to Brian Dean Research, Those content which have around more than 1000 Words generates more social shares than shorter content.

Create High Quality Backlinks with your Amazing Content

Here is quick steps for you to building links with Content.

  • Create High Quality, Informative, Valuable, accurate and more than 1000 Words
  • Include specific Research
  • Get links to other people who link to similar content.
  • Get Link by answering question on Q/A Forums, social media groups, networks as well as Combination your content with relevant sites & platforms.


For so many people, Link Building is a complex and Difficult Task Because they think that it is very difficult to do.

Hopefully, now you can have a better understanding of Link Building and start ranking on Google.

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