What is Sales Funnel and how to Build Sales Funnel

In this section, you’re going to understand the sales funnel. Sales Funnel is the marketing tactics designed to get traffic to your business & nurture them properly to make them your customer.

For Example- You have created a product and want to drive traffic & sales to your business then you have to create an automated funnel through which people cross to perform the next action. Let’s suppose you have software that helps people to get organic traffic from Google or other search engines then you have to drive traffic to that website & then ask them to enter their email address to get the software.

How to Build a Sales Funnel?

In this section, we’ll discover the tactics to build a perfect sales funnel for your business

Sales Funnel has some steps through which every person has to cross. If you skip any steps then you won't succeed. The Sales Funnel has 4 different steps that you have to analyse before creating any marketing funnel.

Step 1: Analyse your Audience Behaviour

The More you know your Audience's behaviour, the more effective your sales funnel would be. Before creating your sales funnel, you have to analyse where your target Audience are congregating (spending time) on the internet. Russell Brunson has talked about how to attract people to your sales funnel in his book traffic secret.

Step 2. Get People Attention by putting your Content in front of them

The only & best way to sales funnel work for you is by putting your Content in front of people. The best way is to use hook story offers in your marketing strategy.

Russell Brunson talked about Hook, story, and Offer strategy in his famous book Traffic Secret. In the Hook Story Offer strategy, you have to give valuable knowledge to people related to your industry free of cost and after then tell some story and then provide offers to your Product and tell them how your product or service help them in their business.

Step 3. Engage with your Audience

The next step in your funnel journey is to interact with your audience and tell them the benefit of your product or services and try to ask some question to them why are not purchasing your product or services. Provide some offers that attract them. This method would work with the help of the following strategies:

•         Create High-quality Content in the form of Blogs or videos

•         Creating Amazing Videos

•         Promote your Content on social media Platform

•         Conduct an email marketing campaign to promote your latest blog posts and sending a newsletter.

Step 4: Create an Email Drip Campaign

An Email Drip Campaign is a series of Messages or Emails that are sent to your prospects in a predefined order or interval.

For Example- If someone joins your newsletter or email list, then they an email in sequence-

1 Signup Email 

2 Send an email after 3 Days 

3 Another Email after 5 Email and so on.

You can automate your email campaign sequence with autoresponder software (e.g. GetResponse, MailChimp, etc.).

Email drip campaigns can help you in many ways:

1 Build Relationship with your Prospect or Lead

2 Grow Sales

3 Increase Customer Retention

The Great part of these tools is that it acts as an employee who works for you to send an email to your Prospect or leads all the time once they signed up for your newsletter.

The best part of this tool is that it works for you 24/7 because if you hire a person for this work then they are not available for you 24/7. They work for you for 8-9 Hours only.

All emails are strategically Planned & Sequenced to encourage a specific action by the recipient.

Types of Sales Funnel?

A Sales Funnel is where your website visitor comes in the top and Sales comes in Bottom. It can look something like this:

In simple terms, a Sales Funnel is a cage for visitors from where they have to cross where you can gather their contact information, usually a email address and his name and then you can do follow up with them through email with additional Call to Actions to lead to Sales and convert them into a Paying Customer.

Here we discuss the 5 Sales funnel that converts your visitor into customers.

1.   The Squeeze Page Funnel:

Use Curiosity on your Page to Generate leads with the simple two-Page Sales Funnel. The Goal of the Squeeze Page Funnel is to get your visitor to give their contact information in exchange for the solution to their problem. Russell Brunson has discussed the squeeze Page Funnel in his Book Dotcom Secret where they discussed the full strategy.

The #1 secret to get more conversion from your landing page is to use a curiosity-based Headline in your Landing Page that makes your visitor enter their email address to know the solution to their problem. The better curiosity your Page has, the more likely to give their email address.

On the Next Page, you are going to introduce your Brand, other content & videos and etc...

2 The Lead Magnet Funnel

Give people an ethical bribe in exchange for their email addresses. A Lead Magnet is the same as other opt-in Funnel, except you are giving away something in exchange for their email address. It may be an e-book, checklist, video, or report, but it’s tangible something in exchange for their email address.

3.   The Invisible Funnel

Sell Access to Events, but charge them when it’s over if they like it only.  An invisible funnel is like other funnels but it works by giving a lot of value to people for free and only charging if they like your product or services after using it. It’s like you are going to a 5-star Hotel and pay them only if you like the food at their Hotel. Although it’s Free to Attend, visitors book their seat after a video funnel on the first page by entering their card information even though no money will be charged.

The invisible funnel is also discussed by Russell Brunson a Funnel Genius( Put link).  An OTO(One time Offer) is offered on the second Page to increase ACV(Average Cart Value) with additional Product or services on the thank you, Page. If the Customer likes the free training and not cancel his subscription then his card will be charged in two days. If you don’t like the training then let us know and we won’t bill you at all.

4.   The Hero Funnel

Let People know who you are and how to connect with you. Use a Hero Funnel to showcase you as the entrepreneur, your story, and build a list of followers while you do so. This funnel starts by sharing your story, getting people to join your newsletter, and then asking them to follow you on your social media accounts.

5.   The 2-step tripwire Funnel

Use a low Ticket Product in the frontend of your Audience and then in upsell you can offer other Products- Tripwire is a low-ticket front-end product that is attracting people to purchase it. After they put in their credit/Debit Card Information, then you can show them your high Ticket Product them through order form Bumps and one-click up-sell or down-sell.

The Amazing thing about this funnel is that in this funnel marketers have created a Hook in the First Page of the Funnel so that people put their Name and Email Address to move to the next step. During Step 2, the Customer has to choose their Product and enter their credit card information to get access to it. The thing which I like about the 2 Step Tripwire Funnel is that if 

your goal is to generate leads for your Product then from this point your Goal is Completed.

The Best part is that now you can follow up with your Prospect by sending Consistent email to them and ask them to purchase your Next Product by educating them about their benefit they would get after purchasing the Product from you.

What are the Stages of a Sales Funnel?

In the Sales Funnel Journey, The first thing you need to focus on is to provide a solution to the problem that your Target Prospect is facing in their life or business that makes your prospect move closer and closer to making a purchase. 

Every person has to cross out from these buyer Journey.

Step 1. Awareness

Awareness is the first and foremost stage of the Marketing Funnel where people are not aware of you and your Brand. During this Stage, The first step of your Brand is to tell people about your Brand & benefits. This is your responsibility to start building a trusted relationship with your prospects.

In this marketing Funnel stage, you have to attract people to subscribe to your newsletter by providing free, educational content to your Audience.

For Example- You have started your company where you provide people software that helps in running a business smoothly. As you are new in the market, People are unaware of you and your product then you have to aware of people about you and your Product and tell them how your’s Product solves their problem. For that instance, you need to run ads on social media platforms or on Google so people know about you and your product.

Step 2: Consideration

In the Consideration Stage, Most people already know about you and your Product & Services. At this stage, the next task is to tell them how your’s Product or services solves their Problem and tell them your USP( Unique Selling Point) and why they should buy from You, not from any other company.

For Example- You have just started your Business by providing Business Software. From till now, Most people are aware of you and now it’s your duty to tell them about your Unique Points & how your product solves their problem.

Stage 3: Desire or Decision

Till this point, you are known in the market and the next step would be to tell your Prospect about your Product pricing and other stuff about your Product or business and make them to solve their problem with you.

They are paying more attention to what you offer to them, including different Package and options.

Stage 4: Action

In the Action Stage, The prospect is becoming a customer by closing the deal with you.

At the bottom of a Sales Funnel, now the lead knows everything about you and your product and they decided to purchase from you.

Most of the question arises in your Lead mind when they are going to make a purchase.

1. Does (You) provide better software features than (Your competitor)

2. Who offers the most and longest warranty over Product?

3. What are the electricity contract terms with( You) versus( Your Competitor)

These questions will come in your Prospect or in your lead's mind when they are going to make payment. It helps your lead to make a decision that fulfills their exact needs, specific problem, budget, and other relevant resources.

Best Sales Funnel Builder

If you are just started then Sales funnel software would be great for you as your Upfront Costs can be kept to a minimum. You don’t need to hire a web Developer or signing into dozens of tools.

These are the Best Sales Funnel Software

1.   Clickfunnel

2.   Builderall

3. Getresponse

4. Optimizepress

  1. Clickfunnel

Clickfunnel is the best choice & recommendation from most of the big marketing fish like Neil Patel, James Scherer, and Many more.

Clickfunnel would be the best funnel builder in 2021 because it provides so many functions inside their platform that helps you to create a conversion based funnel for your business.

It provides various types of CRO like a call to action, contact forms, pop-ups and etc. One of the prominent features is their one-click upsell, which makes it easy for you to offer a high ticket product to your customer with just one click. 


Drag & Drop Builder

Click upsell

Facebook Marketing Automation

Free Ebook with Expert advice

Follow-up funnel


It provides Robust support.

Plenty of Templates for pre-built funnel

Easy to set up


Emails are going in Spam

Can not do custom coding in their pre-build funnel

Not as many options for customization

 2. Builderall

Builderall is also the best funnel builder for you because it provides you those features in their $1 price that click funnels offer you in the high ticket subscription plan. It works as a website builder for you and a Sophisticated funnel builder. His Cheetah drag and drop builder is extremely easy to use so you can design it however you like without any coding knowledge.

It makes it easy to create a funnel to take your visitor from the awareness stage to the conversion stage. It has various templates that you can use in your funnel creation. 

Builderall has a wide range of tools that you can use to create a sales funnel. You can easily create sales pages, checkout pages, smart popups, email marketing tools, a website chatbot, and many more.


Easy to Use cheetah Builder

A/B Testing

Unlimited membership Area

On-Page SEO

Website Chatbot

Smart Pop-ups


Many tools to use for various types of Conversions

Funnel Automation

It Offers $1 Price for 30 Trial Period

It is affordable as compared to click funnel and kartra

It comes with 30 Tools on a single platform.


30+ tools would be overwhelming for beginners

Inconsistent user experience between the tools.

They focus on adding more and more tools

3. Getresponse

Getresponse is a comprehensive digital marketing tool that features a great funnel builder for converting more sales to your website. They offer you everything from Email Marketing to landing page creation and many more. 

f you are planning to build a sales funnel, they have great marketing & Automation Tools.

Getresponse is mainly used for email marketing for your business. For Example- If you want to send an email to your customer’s consistently then it helps you to automate your email marketing work and send an email to your Customer every time when they subscribed or perform a particular action.


Landing Page Creation


Email Marketing

Webinar Software

One-click upsell Pages

Automated Order Confirmation


Funnel Templates

eCommerce integration

Marketing Automation

CRO Features like upsell, exit popups, and more.


Pricing is based on the contact list

4. Optimizepress

If you build your website or blog on WordPress, Optimizepress is another great option for you to create a beautiful and attractive landing page for your website.

It helps to build a sales page and funnel without any prior coding knowledge.

You can choose your own templates from the pre-built template gallery that takes your visitor through the sales journey or you can create your own funnel from scratch.


Customizable Pages

Pre-build funnel

Membership Templates Included

Niche Branding Option


Easy to Use

Plenty of Pre-built Funnels


Only Support WordPress Site

Lacking Some functionalities


Use these funnel builders to convert your visitor into a customer on your website. No Matter if you are from the coding background or not these tools would help you to create any type of sales funnel for your business. If you want to add something to this list then comment below:-

Frequently Asked Question

What is Sales Funnel System?

Sales Funnel is the known as tunnel through which every visitor or prospect have to cross to reach to read or view something and during this phase the marketer have to retain to their visitor or prospect. 

Why do you Need an Sales Funnel?

The reason why you need an Sales funnel for your Business is because it takes your Prospect from the journey of Buying Process.

How do I create a Sales Funnel for Free?

If you want to build Sales funnel for you business for absolutely for free then there are plenty of Tools are available in market but my favourite Tool is Builderall because i have used this to build a sales Funnel.

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