What is SEO in Marketing & how it works for your Business

SEO in Marketing
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The main aim of Search engine optimisation is to drive massive traffic to your website or on your client’s website to bring it to the top of the search engine result page(SERP). Its the main purpose for any business or individual to maximise the visibility of their website and content to boost their traffic. In SEO there are two types of traffic: Organic and Paid.

The term Organic traffic is used to referring to the visitor that comes to your website without any paid promotion. Organic Traffic is the traffic that is coming directly from Google without any paid promotion of your website on any platform like Facebook or on Google.

The term Paid Traffic is used to referring to the visitor to your website. One of the most common forms of paid traffic is Pay per click (PPC) advertising which utilises Google Ads.

How Does Google’s Search Engine Work?

HOw Search engine Optimization (SEO) works?
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Search Engine is the complex computer Program when someone types a query on Google then the Search Engine Ranking algorithm trigger and start finding the relevant article or blog on their directory and then shows you the result. In the Search Engine Algorithm, There are three main stages are there: Crawling, Indexing, Ranking.

Step 1: Crawlers

Crawling of Web Pages
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Search Engines are designed in such a way that helps web crawlers(spiders or bot) to better understand the content of a Web page. Search Engine crawlers also Known as “Web Crawler”, that crawls every page of a website which is published on Google or another search engine to identify the originality of a web page.

In Simple Words, It is the process of Google to send out to their spiders to crawls the Whole Web to find out the new website to add to our Database. Across all over the web there are billions of webpage are indexed in Google’s database.

For Example: When we want to buy the Headphone then we search on Google like “Best headphone under Rs 1000” then the spider or bot start finding the relevant information that contains Best Headphones under Rs 1000 and then it shows to users.

Step 2: Indexing

How Google Index a Website?
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Once the web crawler crawls all the Page of a particular website then it sends to the indexing to store the website data in their data center. Data Center is huge, built with lots of servers all over the World.

In Simple Words, When the Google Crawlers or Spiders crawl your whole website and do not found any content that violates the google Policy then it sends out the data of the website like Pages, Content, Videos, Images to store it to the huge huge computers of Google.

Step 3: Ranking

How Search Engine Rank a Website?
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Whenever a User Performs a Google Search then Google tries to find the highest quality content. The best Result Contains the User’s Location, Language, device, and previous Search Terms.

For Example: When a user searches for Best Headphone Under Rs 1000 from Paris then it shows results to users based on their present location.

What are the types of SEO?

SEO has three parts: On-page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and technical SEO. These terms might be confusing for some people so let’s dive right into types of SEO in Digital Marketing.There are many On-page Seo Tools are available on Internet and you can use it as per your choice. The On-Page SEO Tool which I am using is Rankmath.

On-Page SEO

Best On-Page SEO Strategy
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On-Page SEO refers to the optimisation of the content and meta tags of your website, such as headline, Page Content, and structure of the website. It is the process to optimise every page and post to get a better ranking and relevant traffic to website. There are so much Off-Page SEO Tools are available like Ubersuggest,SEMRUSH,Ahrefs and many more

For Example- It includes

Keyword Research

Content Creation


Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO Technique that helps to drive massive traffic in 2021
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Off-Page SEO refers to the technique used to improve the position of a website on SERP (Search engine Result Page). Most people who have just started SEO thinks that SEO is the process of building links and increasing DA and PA of the Website.

Off-page SEO is the promotion strategy that goes beyond your website content.

For Example- If you have a website that is on Cars Dealer and for suppose you have optimised your website for On-Page and then you have to do off-Page SEO for your website by submitting your website link on different search engines and another website that have millions of traffic on every month.

Why SEO is so important for Modern Business?

Why SEO is Important in Ranking in 2021
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Visibility and Ranking:

One of the important and necessary parts of SEO is to increase the visibility of any Webpages on search engines, which means making it easier for people to find you whenever they are searching for any solution to their problem. 

Visibility is directly related to your Ranking

The higher you rank on the Search Engine Result Page(SERP), the more likely Prospect is to see you and to increase your Click Through Rate(CTR). The more you visible then there is the high chance for any webpage to rank higher in Google because almost 90% of People never go to the Second Page to find the solution.

How Can I Improve My SEO Ranking?

Different Strategy to Improve your SEO Ranking
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The number one problem with People is How to get Traffic to Website will be going to resolve now because in this section I am going to discuss the steps which you have to make sure to resolve it to boost up your website traffic exponentially.

The Top result on Google has 33% chance of getting clicked that appears on the first page”. 

If you are not in the first 10 results then you lose 75% of traffic because around 75% Percent of People won’t go to the second page to find the solution to their problem.

The reason why other websites are ranking higher on Google rather than any other website because they are making conscious efforts to improve their SEO Ranking.

I have identified some reasons to improve your SEO Ranking. Here are the steps:

Step1: Improve your Website Speed

The most important part in SEO Process is the speed of any website because it gives a better experience to user when they come to your site.

The Shocking part with most of the website is their speed issue. 

If you want to test the speed of your website, there are various online services such as Gtmetrix, Google Page Speed Insight and Pingdom are available for free. The Research shows that 40% of visitor will leave that website that takes more than 2 Seconds to load. 

Step 2Optimise Your Site for Mobile.

As I’m sure that you are also aware with the mobile usability. Almost 60% of Google Searches comes from Mobile device rather than desktop or laptop. 

If your website is not optimized for mobile then you are gone loss around 60-70% traffic from Google. Google sees this and rank accordingly to the friendliness of the website. 

According to the Google and Neil Patel Study shows that page that rank higher on Google tend to load significantly faster compared to other page that rank on the second Page or in the bottom. 

If you want to dig deeper. You can also run your web page through webPageTest.org

Here is the few tips that helps you to speed up your website speed.

  1. Compress your site Images.
  2. Reduce web page file size.
  3. Delete unnecessary scripts.

Step 3: Write Click-Worthy Title and Description

When it comes to writing title and description for search engine, the first thing you must know about- the title and the description length is 65 Character.

You have to write the greatest and catchy Headline and description so that people click on your Result and like this your Click Through Rate(CTR) would Increase.

Here are the some steps to keep in mind while creating Click Worthy Title and description:

Make It Clear: The reader have to know about the content of the webpage in 65 Character.

Make It Predictable: Your title should click through to a page that meets the expectation of the user.

Make It Emotional: Dan Shure wrote a great guide on how to write attractive title, and one of the most important part is to attach some emotional with your headline. Check Out his SEO moz article:- Are your Title Irresistibly Click-Worthy and Viral .

Step 4: Boost Your Pages with Internal Links

Internal Links are those links that are pointing to the other Pages of your website. 

When you used systematically, Internal Links help you to boost the performance of your Pages in the search engine.

Internal Links help the flow of Page Rank around your site. Generally, The more internal Link a Page has, there is high chance to rank higher and it is confirmed in the Google Ranking Factor.

Here is the simple view how it works.

The more your Pages has internal links, the more you Rank”

To Find those Pages, Use the Top Page Report in Top Page by Traffic in Ubersuggest.

Step 5:Use Alt Tag 

Always use your Images or Videos with the Alt Tags, or alternative text description that tells google about the Images so that it will be easy for understand and rank based on your Image Alt Text. It allows search engines to better understand and locate your Page, which is a crucial part- especially for those who uses text only browser or screen readers.


For Most of the People, Doing SEO is hard and Complex Process to rank their website Pages or Post on Google. But, If you implement all the strategy correctly then you can also do it for you. 

Hopefully. I have added some valuable information in this article that will help to get better understanding about the SEO and it;s benefit, so now it's your turn.

Frequently Asked Question

What is SEO in Marketing and How it works?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the digital marketing strategy that helps you to focus on your website visibility in search results on search engine like Google. When you understand how seo works then you can implement different tactics to improve your website visibility in search result Page. 

What does SEO mean in marketing?

SEO refers to search engine optimisation, which is the process to increase your quantity and quality traffic on your website through organic search results. If you receiving organic result then there is high chance to rank on Page 1st.

Why SEO is Important in Ranking?

SEO is important in website ranking because if you implemented SEO Strategy in a right manner then it’s a sign for Google to notice that most of the people are referring over other then Google Start improving your Search result Ranking from Page 5 to Page 1 or 2. 

Now, It your Turn

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What is SEO in Marketing?
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