The Skyscraper Technique Helps you to Rank Higher on Google?

I am sure that you have heard about the skyscraper technique a lot of times but have to ever try to implement to your Posts to show their results or impact on your website.

Don't Worry, Today's Posts will be very helpful for you. 

In this Posts, You are going to discover about the skyscraper Technique is worth for your business or time, how to find the tallest skyscraper, how to implement skyscraper technique and see amazing results.

What is Skyscraper Technique?

The Skyscraper technique in SEO is the process in which you found some content on internet related to your niche or that is popular on the internet. You have to create a better copy and get backlinks naturally and reaching out to the right person. The More relevant backlink your site has, the more authority it gets, which means a better chance for the page to be visible in SERP. 

The skyscraper technique is founded by Brian Dean, a Founder of Backlinko His Case Study shows that how skyscraper link Building technique help him a lot to gain traffic to his website instantly. 

Let's take an Example: You saw a building which has 12 floor and the next building has 18 Floor then normally you would be attracted towards 18 Floor Building. 

The "Skyscraper Technique", is the number of Backlink a Page or Post has. After Executing the skyscraper technique, the Brian Dean saw a huge increase in the number of website visitor in just 14 Days. 

The three steps are included in the skyscraper technique to get more backlink and targeted traffic. It is explained in the video. 

Step 1: Find a page that has lot of Inbound links

Step 2: Create Better Content than your competitor

Step 3: Reach out to the Right People

Step 1: Find a page that has lot of Inbound links

The first step is to find those pages that has a lot of relevant inbound links, and also some room for improvement.

In other words, A Linkable assets will be the foundation of any successful blog or website.

But Here are the question arises that your linkable assets are going in the right direction or it will be totally flop. 

That's very easy, Find those content that has generated a lot of backlinks. 

Here is the complete details explained by Brian Dean, the Founder of Backlinko.

Step 2: Create Better Content than your Competitor

The first step is to create content from your competitor so that you can beat them with your content..

Find your Competitor Create a better than them. 

Brian Dean, the founder of backlinko recommend us some steps which they used in their strategy. 

Length: If your Competitor mentions 20 tips in their article then try to include 25-30 relevant tips. 

Design: Content's isn't just about adding more and more words; It's visual matters also. Make sure your design is attractive and unique.

Freshness: Please make sure that your published article is fresh and unique and if it is outdated then try to make even better by adding some screenshot, images, information, Any research Report etc.

Depth: Don't just list unnecessary words or information in your blog post. Fill in the empty space and make it actionable.

Just check out Help Scout's Customer Acquisition Strategies for Environment.

This Guide is full of curated lists of links to other Internet marketing sites. 

And the Page has got a lot of buzz because it's beautifully designed.

For Example: If you have decided to publish your own blog on "How to Make pizza at Home" then firstly you have to do some research on the way to make pizza at home and if your competitor mention 5 ways to make Pizza at Home then you should you should mention 10-15 ways to make delicious Pizza At Home.

Step 3 Reach out to the Right People

Email Outreach is the one of the way to reach out to your Audience with your content so that they also be stay Updated.

The Key steps of the successful skyscraper technique is the Email Outreach.

Instead of sending email to Random people of your target website, try to reach out to the right people of that website will help you to get backlink from your target website. In this scenario, Hunter Extension would help you to find the email Address.

For Example: If you have written article on "Digital Marketing" and you want to link to Neil Patel or Brian Dean website then you won't send email to Neil Patel or Brian Dean because these people are not the right person to reach out because they have a dedicated team for this.

If you reach out to the marketing guy to that website and ask them to link to you then there is a high chance of getting links or share your content on their social Media Channel if they found your article useful and relevant.

Start by Pasting the URL of the original piece into SEMRUSH Backlink Analytics 

 This report show all the backlinks to are pointing to that Page. 

But not all the link will make good prospects. Some will be the forums link, directories spam etc.

Once you have list of prospects. It's time to send them an email.

Here's are the some things you must include in your email.

Why you're reaching out.

A link to your published Content.

CTA Asking them to swap out the link.

Why they have to link to you rather than currently link to.

After finding out the prospect then it's time to send them an email.

When you are sending them an email then you should personalized them based on the type of website. 

How to improve your chance of success with the skyscraper technique( and get results)

For Most of the people, Skyscraper Technique( or any other link Building Strategy is just a means to end.

The last and ultimate for anyone is to rank higher on Google and get more traffic.

So before you do something, you need a goal to get a particular number of link you require.

How to create high Quality Backlinks?

As there are many updates roll out daily but the link building method is still one of the strongest ranking signals in search Engine. 

For Most of the bloggers that blog commenting is the priority and they think that blog commenting website will help them in their Ranking. But as the Jon Muller stats that if you do so much blog commenting for your website then it's a negative sign for your website and you would never get ranked. 

If you'd like to increase your site Authority and rank higher than your competitor in Search Engine Result Page(SERP), you need to build relevant backlinks on a consistent basis. In other words, you need to follow effective link building strategies that will bring results to your business. 

In this article, we'll be gone talk about the way to get high backlink that will help to stay ahead from your competition.

Step 1: Analyse Competitor Mentions

Spying on your Competitor backlink is not enough. You should also know when their brand name is mentioned on internet.

To Know about their mention, would help you to find out the problem.

Let's take an example: If a competitor's client asks a question and you are the first one to answer that question then there are chances to build a relationship with that customer. If he’s got your website, you might earn a backlink if he decide to endorse you.

Another way is to get backlink is setting up alerts for your main keyword.

For Example: If you have any marketing tool then you can set up alerts for your main keyword “Digital Marketing”. Whenever someone writes an article on “Digital Marketing” or publish something on social media, You can react and ask to their posts.

Step 2: Build a Strong Internal Linking Structure

Where internal link building won't give you an huge SEO Boost but it will surely help you to increase the overall usability of your website, It's also a great way to build links using your preferred anchor tag. 

Just like any other technique, Don't try to abuse that technique by building more than 100 internal link/Pages because it looks suspicious for your website.

Step 3: Broken link Building

Another way to build backlink is by broken link building technique. In this technique, you have to find 404 error or similar program on a blogger's websites and telling them politely.

because you're doing them a favor to find out the broken link to their your website and they might reward your help by linking out to your content.

You can easily find the broken link on any website or page with the Check my Url Chrome extension after finding out the broken link, then reach out to them and tell them about the problem. Give them a direct instruction and make it easy for them to find and fix the issue and you can also pitch them your content as the resource to replace the broken link.


Most people have listened to the skyscraper technique and curious to learn about the skyscraper technique and want to increase their traffic using the skyscraper technique

Hopefully, now you can have a better understanding about the skyscraper technique and improve your traffic.

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