What are Backlinks & How to attract More Backlink in 2021

What are Backlinks in SEO?

Backlinks are also known as (“inbound links”, “incoming links” or “one-way Links”) are links that link from one domain to a page to another Domain. Google and the major search engine consider backlinks as a “Vote” for a page to Gain Authority on Internet. Pages with a higher number of backlinks tend to have a higher organic search engine Ranking. 

For Example: Here is a link from Wikipedia on Backlinko

backlinko's on Website
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Because that links directly points to the Wikipedia Page that is known as Backlinks

Why Backlink are Important?

Backlinks are the way to give Positive Votes from Another Domain. Each of these content tells search engines bots that: “This Content is Valuable, Credible, Informational, and Useful”.

The More votes you will get, the higher your site will gain Rank in Google and other major search engines like Bing Yahoo.

Backlinks will help you with three main things.

1. Rankings

Search Engine like Google will see your Backlinks as a vote for your website. Generally, the more relevant votes your web page have, the more likely are to rank higher for relevant search terms.

The Ahrefs have studied about the Link Based Based Ranking Factor and found that the number of backlinks from unique website(referring Domains) corelates strongly with the organic search traffic. 

Referring Domain vs search traffic
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2. Discoverability

Search engines visit pages that they already know to find the relevant content and links on that Pages.

Search Engines revisit the Popular pages regularly rather than unpopular Pages, then might be they discover your article easily if you get a backlink from Popular Pages.

3. Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is the traffic when you create a backlink on another useful resource. That’s why they’re clickable.

When someone visits that website and found your content and clicks on it and lands on your website, you get referral traffic.

How to get Backlink to your site?

Building backlinks is still the most effective way to increase SEO rankings and traffic. But you have to be cautious while building quality backlinks for your website.

If you build backlinks by begging, stealing, buying, borrowing quality backlinks for your website and think that it will boost Rankings then you are wrong. For the website owners, if you rely on shady link-building tactics then it won’t work.

If you want to boost your Ranking then you have to give time to earn valid backlinks then it will boost your Ranking and credibility

The best way to build backlinks is to use some methods that are discussed below:-

1. Guest Post

Guest Posting” is the practice of contributing your written Content to another website in exchange for a link back to your website.

These links can be pasted in the author bio section or used to cite information within the body of the post

This method is a win-win practice for both of the sites because one gets free content to share with their Audience and the other earns quality links from the High Authority Website.

But Unfortunately, some site owners have taken advantage of this method by using poorly-written, unhelpful, content to earn links to that sites.

Most of the site owners hire some content writers with little in hand experience in the topics that they have written about, then pitch this low-quality article to various websites without worrying that the content is relevant for their Audience or Not.

Google has also issued warnings about Guest Posts.

Guest Posting helps to Build Relationship

Most of the bloggers need some Good Content to share with their audience. By Adding Value to someone’s Audience, you’ll be going to build a relationship with other bloggers.

By Making Friends with other bloggers through Guest Posting, you’re going to grow your influence in the realm of Social Media, which will ultimately lead to more subscribers.

We can find those websites that accept Guest posts by searching his name in the quotation marks + Your Keyword 

Guest Posting Oppourtunity
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With this method, you will easily find those websites that are accepting Guest posts in your Niche and then you have to decide on which website you have to publish your blog post and get Backlink in Exchange.

Broken Link Building

What is Broken Link Building?

Broken link building is the practice of building Backlinks by replacing links that redirect to the 404 Error Page with the working link.

Why Broken Links works so Well?

It’s so simple.

Most outreach emails ask for something from site owners( a link, shares, etc.) without offering anything in return.

But with the broken link Building, You flip the script.

Instead of asking for something, you offer them help first. In broken link Building, you are telling them about the broken link to their website that hampers their ranking, and then you can pitch your Blog Article to replace with.

With that method, Here’s the method which you can use for Broken link Building to build a ton of quality backlinks to your site.

How to Check Broken Link?

The best and easiest way to find the broken link on any website is by using check my links Chrome Extension.

To Use check my link, you just simply download the Check my Link Chrome Extension

You will see a little icon on the right-hand corner of your browser.

When you click on that icon then check my links automatically check all of the links on that page and there you will see broken with the name of “invalid links”

Use the Wikipedia “Dead links” Technique

The other way to build links from Wikipedia Pages is through the “Dead link Technique” because Wikipedia is a great source to find the tons of 404 Pages.

And Not just 404 Pages..... dead links that lots of people are linking to. As you already know that Wikipedia backlinks in Nofollow backlinks will not give link juice to your website but it is a very powerful backlink for you.

Here are some steps which you follow to Gain the Backlink.

First search on Google with the search string

site:wikipedia.org “keyword” intext:” dead link”

Wikipedia Dead Link Page
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Bonus Tip: Use a broad keyword in the search bar( For Example: instead of your main Keyword SEO try to search for marketing). That way, Google will bring up those Wikipedia pages that are related to your keyword.
Then Google will show you those Wikipedia pages that have at least one broken external link.

Wikipedia Dead Link Page
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Then, Visit to those Wikipedia pages and scroll down to the reference section.

Reference Page on Wikipedia
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Any link that you see tagged as “Dead Link” is broken.

Dead link
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So What’s next?

Wikipedia Links are Nofollow

If anyone built links using this method then everyone would be built link like that. Here I would recommend you to create an account on Wikipedia and then add your link then there is a chance that the Wikipedia moderator will not remove those links if your content is not spammy and relevant to their audience.

How to Get More Backlink to your website?

There are some ways to get more backlink that will be useful for you:-

If you want to rank in the first page of Google, You need to build backlink from High Authority news sites and blogs. 

Don't worry, It is not as hard as it looks. 

All you have to do is to use a Free service called Help a Reporter Out HARO.

Help a Reporter Out (HARO)
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Haro is the sites that are similar to Tinder that connects people that need sources( bloggers and journalist) to those people that wants links and exposure.
There are millions of people that are using HARO to Build Backlink for their websites.
Once you have created an account on them then you will get an email from HARO like this:

Haro Email
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Then, you can choose your related article and then you can write down the article and send them to the Owner who requested to write an article on that topic. 

If they found your content helpful and resourceful then they will surely revert to you and give a backlink to you. 

Use Content format Proven to Build links. 

As you might have heard that, A few years back Buzzsumo did a study on 1 Million blog posts and articles 

What are Do follow and No follow backlinks?

When you go deep into the backlink, there are only two main types of backlinks are in SEO: do-follow and no-follow Backlink. The people who are reading your blog or article on the web will never see the difference between a Do-follow Backlink and a No-follow Backlink. The best way to identify the do follow or no follow backlink is through the Source Code of that website because, in the source code section, the type of backlink is mention there. 

What are Do follow backlinks in SEO?

The term Do follow link is introduced in 2005 by Google, to reduce the search engine spam indexing and to improve the search engine results. The dofollow links will pass the link juice to your webpage and influence the target’s page rank.

For Example: If you want to get a backlink from the High Authority website and it instructs the user & and the search engine that all the links will be do follow that means the owner of the website trust their audience and when spiders to your website and they see a link with the do follow links then it goes to that website and like this, you will the better ranking in Google. 

What is No Follow Links in SEO?

No-follow links are those links through which does not pass link juice and tells search engines to ignore that link. No-follow links are links with rel=nofollow HTML Tag applied to them.

How to check Dofollow or Nofollow Backlink?

The Only technical difference between these two types of backlinks are their HTML Tag.

A No-follow link are has a nofollow tag in the source code of a website.

<a href="https:/backlinko.com/blogs"

<a href="https:/backlinko.com/blogs" rel="nofollow">

As a user, it is impossible to tell the difference between the do follow & no follow content. You can check the do follow & no follow links through the source page of the website or by using some third-party tool to identify the do follow & no follow backlink.

The Difference is that:

Dofollow links help in the search engine ranking. Nofollow link won’t.

The Google has officially announced that no follow links that it won’t help in the search engine ranking

What is No follow Links?

Links with rel=”no follow” HTML tag are referred as the no follow links. The no follow tag advises search engines to disregard that particular link. No follow links do not pass Page Rank, since they are unlikely to have an impact on search engine rankings.

For Example: If you want to get backlink from any website and they have mentioned that all the links will be no follow links then here’s is the question arises that how you will find the no follow links that will not pass link juice to your website.

<a href=”https://backlinko.com/blog

<a href=”https://backlinko.com/blog” rel=”no follow”>

How to Identify the Do-follow Backlink?

To identify the do follow links, you don’t require any coding knowledge or skill. You just have to know about the basic coding of HTML that will help to identify. Link “rel attribute defines the type of link and through this attribute you can easily judge whether it’s a do follow or no follow links

<a href="http://exampledemo.com" rel="dofollow">Example1</a>
<a href="http://exampledemo.com">Example2</a>
<a href="http://exampledemo.com" rel="external">Example3</a>

How to Build Do-Follow Backlinks?

From this point, You have a better understanding of the backlink, types of backlinks and now you want to build a Do-follow backlink for your website. There are so many ways out there through which you will get Do-follow backlinks fast & easily is by blog commenting because blog commenting is the best and fastest way to get dofollow backlinks.

But while building a backlink for your website, please make sure, you are building a backlink to high PR websites because it helps to get better ranking and some websites are providing nofollow backlink in blog commenting that is of no use.

How to Remove Unwanted Backlink?

For sometime, You have mistakenly build backlink on spam website and now you want to remove those links that will harm your website then Google is providing tools through which you can send an request to Google to not count that links.

Disavow Tool
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You have to log in to your Gmail account through which you have signed in to your Google search console then you have to select your property which your website which you have submitted in search console and if you have submitted any URL previously then it will be shown here otherwise you will see an option to upload a word file and after uploading the file then you are done.


For Most of the People, Creating Backlink is hard and Complex Process to rank their website Pages or Post on Google. But, If you implement all the strategy correctly then you can also do it for you. 

Hopefully. I have added some valuable information in this article that will help to get better understanding about creating backlink's  and it;s benefit, so now it's your turn.

Now It's Your Turn

If you found the content and my research helpful for you then please share it with your fellow friends as much as possible in your social Community including Friends and colleagues. Thanks in Advance.

What Are Backlinks?
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